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Collins Avenue's Wacky New Walgreens "Unsheathed"

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It's a space ship, it's a community center, it's a donut, it's a walrus, it's freudian, it's a Walgreens. A Curbed reader sends in photographs of Collins Avenue's wacky new Walgreens, now taking shape at 14th Street, calling it "unsheathed", which seems quite appropriate. The new store, which broke ground earlier this year, is the third exotic (which is putting it mildly) Walgreens on Miami Beach built by the developer duo Seth Gadinsky and Daniel Hotte and architect duo Robert Brown and Frank Demandt.

Each of their Walgreens is an architectural extravaganza with its own distinct look. This one is art deco meets PoMo, while the Walgreens over on Alton Road is more MiMo/Midcentury Modern and the team's Walgreens up on Normandy Isle a swirly, tossed-bowl-of-contemporary-modernism looking place that would make Zaha Hadid proud.

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