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Photog Shares Incredible Archives Of South Beach In The 80s

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Photographer Donna Dunson, who documented the early artsy, crazy days, of South Beach, has created a Facebook page to share her archives, a visual odyssey of old South Beach, with the world. South Beach in 1980 was the South Beach of legends, the glory days of artists and bohemians, the South Beach people tell stories about, the South Beach which is mourned among the tourists, and Donna Dunson was there to candidly, roughly, beautifully photograph the daily stream of life.

Hi it's me, Donna. I moved to what was then called simply Miami Beach in 1980. A very eclectic variety of other people arrived about the same time. Artists, Musicians, Writers and Photographers. It was a bizarre mix of the retired senior citizens that had lived there peacefully. Somehow, everyone, little by little all eventually crossed paths for whatever reason and SoBe or South Beach began emerging. · South Beach Back In The Day [Facebook]