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Tall, Thin Tower Proposed For 'Big Fish' On Miami River

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An extremely tall and incredibly narrow condo designed by architect Luis Revuelta has been proposed for a sliver of land on the Miami River known as the Big Fish after the seafood restaurant that was once there. Although the project is called The Edge On Brickell, if the tower, which is going through the approval process, is built, we think the name Big Fish might stick. Images published by exMiami

show a vaunted ground floor with tall bank windows and the tower rising cleanly to 604 feet or 55 floors. The 130-unit building would have a robotic parking garage on floors two through nine and an open amenity deck on the 10th floor.
UPDATE: Luis Revuelta is jut the Architect of Record. Someone else designed this thing. We regret the error.

· Tall Skinny Tower For Big Fish Property on Edge of Brickell [exMiami]