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Hochsteins Have Another Party, With More Fake Blood, At Historic 'Teardown' 42 Star Island Drive

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For a couple who just can't wait to demolish their historic house at 42 Star Island Drive and build something bigger, Real Housewife Of Miami Lisa and plastic surgeon husband Lenny Hochstein have found it an extremely useful house for parties. Earlier this year, they hosted a Scarface themed affair, supposedly poking fun at the fact that everyone thinks the house was in Scarface, although it actually wasn't. Notoriously, fake blood was splattered everywhere. Now, photos have surfaced of a Halloween party the couple had at the house, which included much, much more fake blood, and in which the house itself was practically the star attraction. Scantily clad 'Devil' Lisa performing an exorcism in the dining room, anyone?
· Hochstein's 7th Annual Halloween Ball [World Red Eye]

42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida