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Details Emerge About Lincoln Rd. Church Development Deal

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The Miami Herald has dug up more details about the plan to develop a three story commercial building in the courtyard of the historic Miami Beach Community Church, on the corner of Lincoln Road and Drexel Avenue. Developer Tristar Capital (formerly known as the 'mystery developer') would lease the land for 50 years from the church for a total of $100 million, if the congregations members vote to approve it at this Sunday's services. The influx of cash would solve a 'crippling' financial deficit which the church is now in, in exchange for letting Tristar substantially impact the historic integrity of the church property, no matter how sensitively the new construction is done. Plus, the thing's historically protected anyways, so to get this large of an alteration through won't be easy no matter what.

The Walter DeGarmo-designed church was built by Carl Fisher, builder of Miami Beach, himself in response to his wife Jane's complaints that there were no houses of worship on the island. Apparently, after building the church, which he also deeded to the city, he announced to Jane, "Here's your goddamn church."
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