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Guest Parking A Nightmare At 22 Skyview, Says Resident

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A new resident of Melo's 22 Skyview rental building, who also happens to work for a competing developer (we won't say who, or which) writes to Curbed about the building's allegedly hellish guest parking situation. If you can't find parking "on the grungy and dangerous streets of Edgewater" says our contact "Guests are given two hours to park inside the building. If staying beyond that, no warning will be given and the car will be towed." He/she gives the example of Katie Winslet, whose name we assume is made up:

Sobbing uncontrollably, Katie Winslett was deeply humiliated when her mother's car was towed after staying a few minutes beyond the two hour limit, "She was just helping me move in, had I known, I would never have rented in this building." Zack Richards explained, "It would be one thing if they had a valet or guests were given the option of paying $5 to stay overnight. But they're not. Instead, guests will find that the zero tolerance parking policy will inevitably force you to the towing company. Once there, you will be met with an exorbitant fine and a big orange sticker that can't be removed except with acid."

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22 Skyview

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