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Curbed Cup 2013 Round 1 Results! South Beach And Downtown Both Sizzle In The New Miami

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UPDATE: Whoops! We incorrectly announced that the Venetian Islands prevailed over Downtown Miami when in fact it was the opposite. Two South Beach neighborhoods (South of Fifth and Sunset Harbour) and two Downtown neighborhoods (Brickell and the Downtown core itself) are still in the game. This even split is a sign of the resurgence of Miami's urban core, and adversely of South Beach's continuing importance.

First round results for the Curbed Cup's 2013 tournament have been determined and, although much more attention these days seems to be focused on Miami's more emerging neighborhoods, three of our four contenders are either in South Beach or South Beach adjacent. But there were some upsets. In a shockingly close race, South of Fifth just barely edged out Edgewater, and South of Fifth trounced last year's victor, Midtown. Anywho, which nabe do you think will finally reign victorious? Voting continues next week.
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