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Curbed Cup Round Two: Sunset Harbour Versus South of Fifth

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Half the field has already been eliminated in the Curbed Cup, our annual award to the Miami neighborhood of the year. This week we'll have one matchup apiece on Monday and Thursday—with the polls left open for 24 hours—and by Friday only four contenders will be left vying for the prestigious fake trophy. Let the eliminations continue!

This year, Curbed Cup has turned into a surprise battle-of-the-bay, pitting two neighborhoods in the always hot South Beach against two in a resurgent urban core in the battle for the Curbed Cup. South of Fifth is arguably the most 'desirable' neighborhood in Miami, at least according to realtors and per-square-foot prices. Plus there's lots of new infill going on there which, including One Ocean, 321 Ocean, and Marea, is all very luxurious.

Meanwhile, Sunset Harbour is the 'hipster neighborhood of Miami Beach,' or at least as hipster as the beach has been in a long time. It's been repetitively compared to Lincoln Road back when Lincoln Road was more of an arts avenue and less of a mall. Palau at Sunset Harbour has gotten the green light, the Standard Hotel is right across the bridge, they've got that cool Arquitectonica-designed parking garage, and two, count 'em two Publixes, and a Fresh Market. Plus that booming restaurant scene. How many other Miami neighborhoods are as well fed? The street life isn't so bad either.

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