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Theater Of The Sea Staffers Stop Sewer Drilling Down Below

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Protesting Theater of the Sea staffers used an empty car and their bodies to block the construction of sewer pipes on Windley Key that are planned to run underground, beneath the watery animal enclosures of the Islamorada attraction. The village of Islamorada's wastewater plans include drilling sewer lines beneath a culvert system that reportedly dates to 1941 and that delivers thousands of gallons of ocean water into the Theater of the Sea marine park's dolphin ponds. Fearing contamination from the sewer could harm or even kill their eight dolphins, five sea lions, 10 sea turtles and hundreds of fish and reptiles, staffers parked a car on the planned construction route on the Old Highway and surrounded it, refusing to move even as contractors set up drilling equipment yards away. Village officials asked the contractors to halt work until the marine park's own engineers can review the plans.
· Protest Halts Sewer Drilling at Keys Attraction [Miami Herald]