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100 Years Ago, Catch A Silent Movie Downtown At The Fotosho

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The folks at dug up some great and ghostly shots of the phonetically-named Fotosho Theater, a silent movie theater that opened nearly a century ago at 51 SW First Avenue in Downtown Miami. Interior shots from the 1920s show wooden seats for 500 and ceiling fans to make the experience slightly less oppressive. A piano (or organ?) sat at the front of the space, below a screen that's extremely tiny by today's standards.

The theater appears to have taken a battering in the Great Hurricane of 1926, only to reopen in a much larger building and shutter for good a few years after. An interior shot is after the jump, and for more, including what it looked like after the hurricane, head over to

· The Fotosho Theater, Photos From The Early to Late 1920s []