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Downtown Vs. Sunset Harbour: Who Will Win The Curbed Cup?

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The race is almost over, and just two great Miami neighborhoods are left in the running for the 2013 Curbed Cup. The neighborly pair are Downtown Miami and Sunset Harbour. Voting for the cup starts now and lasts through New Years day, and the winning neighborhood will be announced, nay, heralded from the rooftops, after New Years Day.

Downtown and Sunset Harbour are neighborhoods evolving towards greatness. Yes, many will say they are already great. Sunset Harbour certainly has legions of fans, and Downtown is Miami's original urban heart, but both neighborhoods are undoubtedly still in the process of becoming mature, whole neighborhoods, with new construction, new public amenities, new shopping and restaurant options, and increasingly vibrant pedestrian scenes.

Before you make up your mind, do get up to speed on each neighborhood with Curbed Miami archives on Sunset Harbour here, and Downtown here. It's a tough call, so chose wisely. Which neighborhood deserves the Curbed Cup for neighborhood of the year, 2013? Voting will remain open through New Years Day.

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