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Historic Facade Could Replace Van Dyke Cafe

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With the sad news of the departure of the Van Dyke Cafe from Lincoln Road, how's this for a little silver lining? The developer is submitting plans, to be heard by the city on January 14th, to largely return the street facade to its original, historical orientation. It appears that the first floor of the building had been gutted and heavily altered over the years. (plans & drawings are over at exMiami)

The original Lincoln Road facade had two arched transom entries, one at each corner, with a large picture window in the middle, while the side facade had picture windows, and an arched transom at the elevator lobby. The floor was at street level. And that's basically what the developer wants to return it to, with the one big difference being the door going in the central picture window instead of the two transoms. And that's basically it.
· Here's what the owner of the Van Dyke wants to replace cafe with [exMiami]