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Macy's, Bloomy's Sign Up For Significant Space At Miami WorldCenter

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In a throwback to the time before Amazon, Macy's and Bloomingdale's will be opening huge stores at the future Miami Worldcenter, the enormous mixed-use development planned for the Park West enclave, across from AmericanAirlines Arena. Macy's will occupy 195,000 square feet, while Bloomy's will take up 120,000 square feet. The department stores will anchor three stories of retail, which comprise an additional 425,000 square feet, according to the Miami Herald.

Regional shopping center developers the Forbes Company and Taubman Centers Inc. are jointly acquiring 10 acres of Miami Worldcenter Associate's 27-acre spread to build out the stores. The unimaginatively named The Mall at Miami Worldcenter is expected to begin construction in 2014.

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