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Generically Named 'South Beach Hotel' To Liven Up Collins Park

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Just when you thought you couldn't possibly see any more Kobi Karp construction signs on Miami Beach, Think Hotel Group has selected him as head honcho for the renovation of its three recently acquired properties facing Collins Park along 21st Ave. The South Beach Hotel, a two story historic art deco building located adjacent to Think's Boulan Hotel, and gearing up for an end-of-year opening, is up first; the Ansonia and the iconic Plymouth will follow soon after.

Casa Conde out of Pompano Beach is doing the interiors and, like its slightly more upscale neighbor the Boulan, the rooms appear to be relatively simple, yet streamlined, with a whole lotta quirky artwork sprinkled throughout. The most interesting feature, however, might just be the hotel's revamped entry courtyard, which serves as sort of a de-facto public plaza directly facing Collins Park. Designed by Cadence Planning + Designing, the semi-Mexican inspired mini plaza will now include additional seating areas, what looks to be more shade trees, and some streetside dining (word on the street is Pubbelly Tacos will open up shop).
—Margina Demmer

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Collins Park

22nd Street & Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139