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"Wynwood Central" Mixed-Use Hipster Commune Planned

Marc Kovens and Shawn Chemtov are preparing to go ahead with plans to develop Wynwood Central, an eight-story shopping/living/green space/parking lot that was first announced in November 2012, exMiami reported. The long rectangular building between NW 24th and NW 25th Streets at NW 2nd Ave., essentially right behind Wynwood's most happening strip, would boast a tech coworking site, open-air courtyard and rooftop bar and swimming pool, the first in the area, according to developers. That is deeply, deeply shocking but only because this is Miami and how can you survive July without ready access to a body of water? Renderings show Muji and Chobani stores at the retail level of the development, but exMiami was unable to confirm whether any leases have been signed. According to a Chariff Realty Group ad published by the site, the project is set to open in 2015.

Can't you just see the letters now, dancing in the moonlight? W-Y-N-W-O-O-D.

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