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City Commissioners/DDA Going All Janette Sadik-Khan On Downtown Miami's Ass

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If everything goes as planned, Miami could be making serious strides in urban planning with today's announcement, by the Miami Herald, that city honchos plan to pull a Janette Sadik-Khan. To pull a Janette Sadik-Khan is to rapidly and cheaply redesign a city's streets with a goal of making enjoyable, efficient, and exciting streets. It is to make positive urban environments for pedestrians out of what could be much more pedestrian-hostile places. Janette Sadik-Khan is New York City's transportation commissioner and the woman who famously pedestrianized Times Square. And repeated that success on a million other dysfunctional streets throughout the five boroughs.

Commissioners plan to meet on Thursday to vote on the creation of what is being called a Downtown Pedestrian Priority Zone. The streets of the priority zone will be substantially redesigned with wider sidewalks, tree canopies, reduced clutter, traffic mitigation, coordinated stoplights, and a variety of other small-scale measures. Speed limits in Miami's Downtown core could even go down to 25 mph.
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