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World's Largest Hurricane Windows Make Perez Art Museum Miami The Ultimate Hurricane Party House

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[Photos by Sean McCaughan]

Dozens of custom made hurricane windows, some as large as 17.5 feet by 7 feet - the largest impact resistant windows in the world - are in the midst of installation at the Perez Art Museum Miami. The biggest panes, the 17.5 by 7 footers, weren't being installed as these pictures were taken this morning - bummer - but some were already in, showing their awesome size, and other slightly smaller windows were being installed. The windows, which are over two inches thick and made of four pieces of layered glass, can resist up to 150 mph winds. Another awesome detail: the window mullions are concrete, which somehow makes them stronger. Seriously.
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Museum Park

, Miami, FL 33132

Perez Art Museum Miami

1075 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida