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Is This What Miami's Seaport Will Look Like In 30 Years?

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This is what the southwest corner of PortMiami could look like if PlusUrbia, a local design firm, wins a competition to master plan the port's future commercial district, planned to be a World Trade Center. After announcing an ambitious master plan for the future of PortMiami to much whoop-de-do that would a bunch of skyscrapers, a megayacht marina, hotels, retail, and residences, the powers-that-be at the port quietly began an invitation only competition to find an architect to design a master plan for the WTC area.

The PlusUrbia design, which they call 'Port Side Miami', with its towers clustered together, gradually decreasing in height from the center of the zone, a large marina, and small public parks and plazas scattered around, is one of the finalists. The other finalists remain a mystery. If you have any idea who else is in the lead, do let us know.
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