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Anybody Have A Spare Piece Of Land For This Historic House?

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"Boob God" Dr. Lenny Hochstein and his wife, Real Housewife Lisa Hochstein gave the Miami Herald a tour of 42 Star Island Drive, the historic house they want to demolish, and made a startling announcement: they have offered to give the house to preservationists who want to save it, and even pay (or help pay) to move it.

During the 42 Star Island preservation war, both Hochsteins have said quite a few things that may or may not be technically true and gotten away with it, like "the house is not inhabitable," "there's no plumbing on the second floor," and "all our neighbors want us here". But this new statement is startling, not least because it's on video over at the Miami Herald's website. Of course, preservationists hope to keep the house on the site for which it was originally designed, but they've just been given an intriguing new card to play. Plus the view from the back yard - a nice view of the MacArthur Causeway - isn't all that great anyways. If somebody showed up at the Hochstein's front drive with a flatbed, trucked the mansion off, and sent Mr. and Mrs. Boobs the bill, would they pay it? It's a hypothesis worth testing out. Anybody gotta flatbed we can borrow?
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42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida