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King & Grove Is Hoteling The Versailles, If It's Ever Finished

According to someone very much in-the-know, King & Grove Hotels, the very swank and fairly new boutique hotel chain that operates the Tides Hotel on Ocean Drive, is working on the landmark art deco Versailles Hotel on 34th Street and Collins Avenue, making it their second Miami Beach establishment. This verifies a rumor that HotelChatter investigated a year ago. The hotel had been purchased by Joseph Chetrit, who has funded some of King & Grove's other projects, and additions and renovations to the structure were designed by architect Kobi Karp, who has renderings of the hotel on his website.

The Versailles Hotel now [Photo: Sean McCaughan]

At least that was the plan before construction stopped earlier this year in the midst of some kind of protracted litigation between the building's new owners and its former residents. Originally a winter beach resort built in the 1930s, the Versailles had gone condo at some point. Accusations of shady dealings, buyouts, and the like flew in every direction. Anywhoo, since construction ceased, and who-knows-what happened with the litigation, little to nothing has moved at the site, and the hotel stands as an abandoned ruin. For all anyone knows, it's still going to be King & Grove's second Miami Beach hotel. So, what's happening with the Versailles? If you know, do tell us in the comments section or the tip line. Thanks.
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