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Museum Park's Landscaping Won't Totally Suck

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Kinda bummed that all those elaborate designs for Museum Park in downtown Miami have basically been canceled? Don't take it too hard, because the entire park won't suck. The northern portion, which is basically the landscaping for the two museums, the plaza between the museums, the green buffer zone between the museums and 395, a little gardeny area close to Biscayne Boulevard, and the Perez Art Museum Miami's awesome hanging gardens, are all still being fully executed. And those areas were designed by some weighty names of the landscape architecture world, specifically ArquitectonicaGEO and (drumroll please) the landscapers of the High Line itself, James Corner Field Operations. Snazzy.
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Museum Park

1075 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida

Frost Museum Of Science

1075 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida