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Comment of the day

"The Brickell Green Space plan was never going to happen. It was one of the most unrealistic plans I have ever seen. The land they wanted to use is already owned by developers. The land worth for the two parks combined is way over 30 million dollars. To think that the city could ever afford, or even should pay, 30 million for land for a park is just unrealistic. I always thought that if we ever actually get a large park in brickell the site on the other side of s Miami ave by the river is where it makes sense. where 6 st meets Miami place. all the lots are to small to build a condo building and all the street intersections are obviously owned by the city. Use eminent domain to buy all the lots close off the streets and combine everything into one large park. The land would still cost millions of dollars however so its not exactly realistic but I think it is certainly a much better chance then in the previous location."-MiamiArchi ['Brickell Green Space' Land Is Getting Gobbled By CityCentre]

Brickell Green Space

431-451 S. Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida