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Brickell CityCentre Expands North And Adds A Seventh Tower

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[Via exMiami]

Behold plans, elevations, renderings, and the like of Brickell CityCentre's new northward addition and seventh tower thanks to Even though the project's massive three-block first phase is still in the early, early stages of construction, they're already thinking bigger, commandeering the entire block directly to the north between 6th and 5th streets. They've added a 46 story residential tower and amenity deck, along with more parking, and a connection to CityCentre's elevated shopping mall via an expansion of the department store over 6th street, basically making that street a tunnel under a rather cool department store in the sky.

Street level entrances to the department store and residential tower are flanked by ascending and descending parking ramps and loading docks along with a wee bit of street level retail, making the street pedestrian experience look not so hot. At least the occupants of those 350 condos will have fabulous river views, until another tower is built on that empty piece of waterfront land directly to the north.
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Brickell Citycentre

700 S. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL

Brickell Citicentre

700, S. Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida