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Comment of the day

"I doubt the 'wee bit of retail shopfronts' are going to inspire a pedestrian friendly atmosphere. The elevated department store within the fortified parking pedestals [of Brickell CityCentre] will ensure people drive, rather than walk to this place, sucking any benefit to the streets straight into the "sky" this department store apparently inhabits. Why do we have to make the same mistakes of the 1970s over again. Its like they wont even bother addressing something so base and pedestrian as a "street" they would rather turn it into a curb-cut parking entry-exit loading dock utilidor capturing the fluorescent ambiance of a nuclear waste cavern under yucca mountain."-ScottyJohnson227 [Brickell CityCentre Expands North And Adds A Seventh Tower]

Brickell Citycentre

700 S. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL

Brickell Citicentre

700, S. Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida