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What's With All The Demolition In East Little Havana?

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From the Curbed Inbox, reader and Photo Pool contributor Phillip Pessar has a question:

Since late last year I have noticed a lot of buildings being demolished in Little Havana. They just demolished the building on the corner of 8th St and 12th Ave that had an Invader Tile Mosaic (I cut my hand sticking it through the fence to pick up what looks like a broken tile from the work). Late last year they demolished a big parcel in back of the Presidente Supermarket on 8th St and SW 5th Ave that had two shotgun houses that were originally built by Brickell for black workers in the area. They also demolished a row of old stores around 19th Ave and 8th St. recently. The only one of these that I have seen any construction on is the land in back of Presidente which looks like a condo or apartment building, only a couple of floors are up. The rest is just sitting idle. I was wondering if LIttle Havana is going to be the next hot place to live and someone is buying up all the property or these were mostly old buildings that were not worth bringing up to code so they were just demolished. Readers, have you heard any rumblings of demo drama in East Little Havana? Do tell. Leave it in the comments, below.
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