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Real Housewife Lisa "Get A Hobby" Hochstein Really Wants Her Dream House

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Yesterday's Miami Beach Design Review Board meeting really fueled the flames of the 42 Star Island Drive preservation war, with Real Housewife of Miami Lisa Hochstein and her husband/plastic surgeon/breast augmentation specialist Lenny (It's common knowledge he gave her a free pair) publicly confronting members of the Miami Beach Design Preservation League who are attempting to historically designate the Hochstein's iconic 1925 Walter DeGarmo house and thus prevent its demolition. The Hochsteins want to demo the place to build their rather gaudy looking dream house.

The meeting itself was rather uneventful, with the decision on the house being delayed until March. Following the meeting, Lisa tweeted her little heart out, saying things like "It's our home , we. Bought it , how in the world should it be ANYONE'S concern what we do with it? , how does it affect anyone ? Nuts ." and "This minority group needs a hobby." Umm, what? We're not even going to go there.

P.S. Ms. Hochstein, you might want to get an editor, or an English teacher. Your grammar is really bad.
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42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida