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Fly Over Alan Faena's Saxony Wonderland In This Video

Faena District Miami Beach- Spatial Study from on Vimeo.

Alan Faena's three block long Faena District, as starchitect-studded as it is, (Norman Foster, Roman & Williams, Rem Koolhaas, etc.) is also full of surprises, including how surprised we are in the rare instances that something new about the project is discovered. And, not to brag but, more than any other news source, Curbed Miami has done the vast majority of the discovering. Anywho, here's a little something that kinda just dropped from the sky, a 3D flyover of the entire Faena District, showing the spatial disposition of the principle buildings.

From here, we can see the general disposition of the Saxony, Koolhaas, and Foster buildings, as well as some of the landscaping. The historic Saxony hotel has some sort of circular domed building out back (maybe that's the cabaret?) along with what looks like a very formal pool. On the front facade of the Saxony, a vertical strip that historically was the location of an outdoor elevator is replaced by windows. Next door, Foster's building is lushly landscaped by Raymond Jungles. Across the street, two buildings (those would be the parking garage and ballroom, if we remember correctly) by Rem Koolhaas flank an art deco building that will have an additional floor added to the roof. But take it with a grain of salt because the video does take some artistic license: that park behind the Koolhaas buildings is actually a neighboring condo tower.
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Saxony Hotel

3201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Faena House

3301 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida