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Miami Makes Coveted List Of Trashiest Spring Break Spots

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Move over Jersey Shore, Miami's gettin' her party on. Our steamy, sexy city has made's list of trashiest spring break spots, and we couldn't be prouder. Our only question: why are we so low on the list, at number 7??? That's behind such ho hum places like Orlando, and Myrtle Beach. What the hell is there to do in Myrtle Beach? Meanwhile, Fort Lauderdale, the city of legendary spring breaks of yore (has the Elbo Room gotten its historic designation yet?) on, didn't make the list at all. "We removed trashy from our description years ago" said some chick at the Convention & Visitors Bureau. Umm yeah, you replaced 'trashy' with 'geriatric.' Just don't tell Wilton Manors. That place is still a hot mess.
· Miami Makes List Of Trashiest Spring Break Spots [Miami Herald]