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Brickell CityCentre Wants To Invade & Conquer Brickell Ave.

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Holy Crap. Rumors and speculation that the megaproject that is Brickell CityCentre would snap up the former site of the old Miami Today red brick manor house (now demolished), thereby connecting it with Brickell Avenue, have been vastly under-exagerated according to the Daily Business Review. It turns out that they want the manor house site at 710 Brickell as well as the office building next door (the former Northern Trust headquarters) at 700 Brickell Avenue - both of which happen to be on the market - and CityCentre is willing to pay top dollar for the pair. This gives CityCentre a large corner lot on Brickell Ave and 8th Street, big enough for a massive tower, on a piece of land that is basically the center of the world for a lot of Miamians. Brickell Avenue and Calle Ocho? Oy Mami!

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Brickell Citycentre

700 S. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL

Former Miami Today Offices

710 Brickell Avenue, Miami, Florida