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With New Lawsuit, Lisa Hochstein Wants Payback For Miami Beach's Attempts At Historic Preservation

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Lisa "Get A Hobby" and Leonard "Boob God" Hochstein may have won the legal right to demo their historic house at 42 Star Island Drive, but they aren't happy about all the hullabaloo that the City of Miami Beach and preservationists put them through getting there. So, on March 22nd the Reality TV couple filed a lawsuit against the City of Miami Beach for, basically, allowing preservationists to attempt to save their historic house, according to the Miami Herald. The City says it did nothing unfair, and that the lawsuit is entirely without merit. Oh, and in the meantime preservationists at the Miami Design Preservation League submitted an application for historic designation a few days after the Hochsteins filed their suit. Ironic much?
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42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida