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The Best Reader Comments About Zaha's New Condo Tower

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Since renderings of Zaha Hadid's Downtown Miami condo tower started coming out, there's been a lot of excitement over the designs, but the most hilarious comments have come not from those enamored with the project but from people less than impressed by its swooping curves, helipad, and exoskeleton. Here now, we present the most hilarious comments people have left on Curbed about Zaha Hadid's One Thousand Museum. Beware, after the jump, they get pretty dirty.

"It looks ready for a diaper change."-anon.

"I hope the Exoskelton doesn't slip a disc!"-anon.

"Hey, when are you guys dumping the complete set of construction drawings?
Because I'm really not bored enough with this tower already."-anon.

"Not very elegant or interesting. They should blast all these "star architects" into space... So we can start over."-anon.

"Am I reading these drawings correctly? It look like the "staff room" has no window, but the "master closet" does???!!!"-anon.

"Looks like a space alien's butt plug."-anon.

"WOW!!! Amazing! Except for one HUGE problem. With a building this tall, they need at LEAST one more passenger elevator, if not two. What was zaha hadid smoking? Hahash????"-anon.

"@guest #11: Care to spare some of that Hahash?" -anon.

"@guest #18: In the spirit of knowledge - it's hashish & sharing is encouraged!"

" *yawn* It will look as dated as Disney's TomorrowLand."-anon.

"Gaudi meets bacteriophage"-anon.

"Sorry but it's like 70s middle east"-anon.

"Mix between a flower, spider and the former WTC, no?"-anon.

"Very similar to the xray image on the gawker post about the guy with the vibrating dildo stuck in his anus. Minus the dildo."-anon.
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One Thousand Museum

1000 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida