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Where To Eat At Marlin's Park; A Look Inside The Flat

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All the dining dish from our pals over at Eater Miami...

1) Stadium Dining Guides: Check out this year's guide on Where to Eat at Marlins Park during Baseball season. It's a compilation of all the food spots, including standouts such as A Taste of Miami and The Clevelander, where to eat by section and Eater recommendations.

2) Design District: Michael Schwartz' latest, The Cypress Room, is officially open. Take a look at the space here.

3) Coral Gables: Eater went to the Coral Gables Farmers Market with Giorgio Rapicavoli of Eating House. See what he bought, what he's using it for and why shopping locally is important to him.

4) Miami Beach: Take a peek inside The Flat before it opens in April. The new South of Fifth spot plans to stay open till the partying's over most days, that means no closing time. Friday through Sunday, make sure to guzzle down your drinks before 5 a.m.
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