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Billy Joel's Old PH Sells; Toddler Buys A $6.5M Condo

The news from our big sister site in that big city up north, Curbed NY...

1) Central Park South: A two-bedroom penthouse once home to Billy Joel sold this week for $11.375 million. Joel hasn't lived in the place in the '90s, but his renovations, like reinforced floors to stand the weight of his piano, are still in place.

2) Midtown: This week, in ridiculousness a Chinese mother bought her two-year-old daughter a $6.5 million condo in one of NYC's hottest new buildings. Why? Because she'll be attending NYU, Columbia, or Harvard in 16 years.

3) Midtown East: In other news to make you feel like a poor, worthless slug, a financier is hoping to sell his duplex at One Beacon Court for a cool $115 million. The floorplan is highly unimpressive.

4) Upper East Side: But that $115 million condo isn't even the most expensive unit to hit the market this week. Financial expert Martin Zweig's triplex penthouse at the Pierre is now officially for sale, and yes, it is asking the expected $125 million. Excuse us while we go jump out the window.
· Curbed NY [ny.curbed]