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New Renderings Of SLS Brickell Are Not Bland At All

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Jorge Perez can be blamed for a lot of things, including building less than 'public' parks, making strategic donations in attempts to get his buildings approved, and a rather large obsession with his own legacy, but whilst playing with Miami like his own game of Sim City, this man really knows what he's doing. Just check out these new renderings of the SLS Brickell posted on Lucas Lechuga's Miami Condo Investments.

While earlier renderings had suggested the Arquitectonica-designed building with interiors by Philippe Starck might not be so architecturally dashing, these new renderings are much cooler. They also show that the pool deck will be placed to the rear, making that side of the building much more attractive to potential buyers than had originally been expected, and that although the building is set a bit inland, the views will still be pretty cool.

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