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Curbed University Is In Session Starting This Week

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Introducing Curbed University, our insider guide to buying, selling, and renting houses and apartments in Miami. Our other city sites are refreshing their Curbed University content as well, after a semester or two off. Starting this week and continuing through May, we'll be writing new posts on Curbed U a regular basis, delving into uniquely Miamian real estate quirks (Will your house be under water in 50 years? Will it survive the next hurricane?), taking inspiration from other Curbed cities on more universal topics (mortgages, that sort of thing) and hosting open threads with real estate experts who will answer your questions.

This of course bring us to our next point: your questions. We are taking suggestions, advice, questions, and even temper tantrums related to what you'd like to learn in Curbed U. Please stick them in the comments section or send 'em over to the tip line. If you don't, we won't know what tickles your fancy, and might just keep talking about something boring, like mortgages.
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