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"If I'm not mistaken, didn't Miami-Dade County purchase 'Harriet' the tunnel boring machine currently being used to dig the port tunnel? If that is the case, would it be possible to just reuse the machine and bury 395 from I95 to the bay? I confess I'm not extremely knowledgeable about highway construction/tunneling etc, but this seems like a MUCH better alternative to me. If we already own the machine, would the cost of tunneling be significantly higher than building a new elevated highway? How incredible would it be to get rid of this ugly scar separating the city!! I would think that the development value of the land that would be made available by burying 395 would generate a significant amount of revenue that could go toward paying the extra cost of tunneling. If someone knows more about cost per mile of tunneling versus elevated, please comment."-Zachary Joslin [FDOT Wants To Trash The I-395 Flying Land Bridge For This]