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It's Demo Time For Miami Today's Iconic Old Manor House


Miami Today's old manor house headquarters, an iconic Brickell Avenue landmark and Curbed reader 'fan favorite' although it was only built in 1964 and nowhere near as old as some thought it looked, bit the dust the other day as bulldozers crashed through the building's federal style windows and brick facade. These photos were taken by forum administrator Langbro. To Curbed, it always reminded us of the Charlie's Angels detectives agency HQ, and to that we say "Goodbye Charlie." No word yet on whether Brickell CityCentre megaproject peeps will scoop up the land, but the rumors are a' swirling.
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Brickell Citycentre

700 S. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL

Former Miami Today Offices

710 Brickell Avenue, Miami, Florida