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"Funny, I actually hate the Koolhaas plan, it doesn't really seem to have anything that connects all the many different programs of the space together. It almost looks like they slapped a hotel here, slapped a theater there, and then put everything else on the roof and put a bunch of park space in any land that was left over. Also, I know its early but definitly not feeling the original design. BIG has a very clear concept with the central square and pulling everything off from that. I will also say I love the idea of the square. It reminds me of Spain and that kind of density and walk-ability that I enjoy so much. My biggest issue (somewhat lessened after realizing the large ballroom space was being added) is that the convention center isn't really being expanded, and especially in the koolhaas plan it looks like its even getting decently reduced. I think this is a huge mistake on all parts. I want to see more convention space. If BIG stacked the ballroom space above more convention space I would be very happy. Also I see no reason why they cant keep the Gleason and add a hotel above / next to it, etc. get creative with old and new merging together, if done right i think it could be spectacular. And finally, how on earth can you say that "Cirque du Soleil" got a collective yawn from everyone? I find that VERY hard to believe. They are world class entertainers, and we would be very lucky to have them here."-MiamiArchi [Starchitects Koolhaas & Ingels Present Two Urban Wonderlands For Miami Beach Convention Center]

Bal Harbour Shops

9700 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour, FL 33154

Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139