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Miami's Over-The-Top Condo Launch Parties Are Back

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We like parties. Invite us to yours!

The Event: The launch party for Echo, a lux condo project in Aventura.
The Venue: A tent on the building site, a corner lot with drop dead views of the Intracoastal Waterway and Dumbfoundling Bay. (Yes, Miami has a bay called Dumbfoundling Bay)
In The House: Realtors, prospective purchasers, journalists, and associated hangers on.
The Dress Code: Dressy, party wear, whatever.
The Menu: A large table of small bites surrounding an ice sculpture of the building, a human chandelier pouring champagne, an ice cream bar, and a coffee cart by the valet stand to help you sober up.
The Entertainment: A DJ did his thing, while aerialists flipped and flopped. The waiters - looking gorgeous - where the type that are actually hired as 'models' and thus hired based on their looks.

It was the archetypal Miami condo launch party, after dealing with an ever so brief hiatus due to economic calamity, ruined fortunes, that sort of thing, back to its old decadent self with a vengeance. They said they spent 250 large on this night, and it showed. The tent was full of chandeliers, aerialists, and an aerialist in a chandelier pouring champagne. That gold Lamborghini that you see everywhere - somebody called it the "Miami Trophy" - was there. That thing gets around more than yo' mama. Miami's lavish condo parties are back, baby.
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