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Lisa Hochstein Says "Suck This Miami" And Moves To Canada

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Real Housewife of Miami, former model, and 'professional housewife' Lisa Hochstein is sick and tired of Miami, and moving back to Canada "where they just don't care about silly things like historic preservation, taking over someone's home, and having to learn spanish just so you can get your house cleaned," according to a conversation Curbed Miami overheard between Hochstein and fellow Real Housewife and Star Island neighbor Lea Black at a beauty salon while getting our nails done. (we've cleaned up her grammar a bit, for the sake of legibility) So, with Hochstein's big move what will happen to the historic house at 42 Star Island Drive she's been trying to tear down?

"Oh everything's in Lenny's name. He's the one suing Miami Beach too. He would have signed my Real Housewives contract for me if he could have. That whole house thing is really up to him." But is he going with her to Canada? "Lenny's staying in Miami. There isn't much of a market for boobs up there. Plus he hates socialized medicine." So many unanswered questions, with the fate of 42 Star Island Drive caught in limbo.

If you've heard anything, any beauty salon gossip, bathroom banter, salacious rumors, or delicious half truths about the fate of Lenny and Lisa Hochstein's 42 Star Island Drive house, do let us know. Thanks!

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42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida