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"This is nearby my house and this is just what the area needs. 79th street from US1 to the bridge to North Bay Village has a lot of potential and is almost like a "gateway" to the beach with a lot passing traffic, but it doesn't look like it, and there is not much there. This project will hopefully revitalize the area and attract development. There are already some nice things popping up around there like the new fire station being built, the Boteco restaurant, and other interesting restaurants that have popped up here and there. Do you know if there will be any ground-floor retail other than the restaurant? The 3rd picture with the 7-floor building at the bottom looks like it would have retail space. I think that area is in desperate need for some quality retail. Especially for the nearby Shorecrest residents."-Adnarim Ed Yelsek [Construction Starts On Two 79th Street Apartment Towers]

The Shorecrest Luxury Apartments

7950 NE Bayshore Court, Miami, Florida