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The Quagmire Of 42 Star Island Is One Hot Mess

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Despite the recent 'decision' that it could legally be torn down, the historic preservation campaign/war/kerfuffle that is the saga of 42 Star Island Drive has only gotten much more annoyingly complicated, according to the Miami Herald. Self proclaimed Boob God Lenny Hochstein (seriously! Check his twitter bio) and his Boob Queen, Real Housewife of Miami Lisa are suing, the Miami Design Preservation League is applying and appealing, the Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board is preserving, and the Miami Beach City Commission could be overturning, and all this is giving one hell of a lot of people headaches as big as the fake knockers that Lenny Hochstein gives so many of Miami's pretty girls. Pass the vodka. It's after noon somewhere.
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42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida