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Historic Palm Beach Cottage Gets Plopped On Barge With No Place To Go

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Two years ago the Palm Beach Country Club decided to expand onto the site of the hundred year old Stambaugh Cottege, and instead of demolition all preservationists were able to do was get the house plopped on a barge and slowly pushed off into Lake Worth. Now the cottage, stuck on that god-forsaken barge off the coast of Peanut Island is waisting away and still looking for a home, and funding to restore it. The Maritime Museum on Peanut Island? Not interested. Next door to Palm Beach's Little Red Schoolhouse? Nope. South Florida Fairgrounds or City of Lake Worth? Won't pay for preservation. But a descendant of one of the cottage's owners may have a chance to score a vacant lot for it, so there's hope.
· House on barge off Peanut Island may soon have a home [Sun Sentinel]