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Ms. Cheezious's Restaurant; Miami's 38 Essential Restaurants

Eater Miami does the dirty dishes...

1) MiMo: The famously cheezy food truck, Ms. Cheezious, is going brick and mortar soon. Plans are for the restaurant to open up sometime in December. They'll be expanding their menu with more food options and no longer will you have to hunt them down for it.

2) South Beach: A gourmet, European deli is coming to town. Appropriately named Europe Delicatessen & Gourmet Deli, the spot's waiting on some final permits to open up on Washington Ave. Once they do open, expect "a true European experience".

3) Maps: It's that time again, we've rolled out the newest version of The Eater 38. Check out all April's list of Miami's 38 most essential restaurants.
· Eater Miami [miami.eater]