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Another Really Tall Condo Tower Is Coming To Brickell Avenue

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The developer, Kevin Maloney, behind Echo in Aventura, is building another Echo in Brickell that at 750 feet and 60 stories will be one of the tallest buildings in Miami and, if nobody else beats him to it, the tallest residential building in the city. (The Four Seasons is taller, but that's a combination residential/hotel tower, which doesn't count apparently). The building, designed by a starchitect who's building a lot in this town right now, Carlos Ott, and named Echo Brickell, will be very slender, have super high ceilings, and gorgeously unobstructed bay views. They start taking reservations next week and expect to break ground early in 2014.
· Super Tall Condo Coming To Brickell [Miami Herald]

Echo Brickell

1451 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131