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With God As 'Engineer' Hialeah's Noah's Ark Makes Rapid Progress, Racks Up Permit Violations

Making the Miami Herald Sunday Edition's front page headline yesterday, that project to create a full size replica Noah's Ark called Hidden Ark in Hialeah and turn it into a petting zoo for stray cats and dogs, a vet, and sort of a catch-all heaven-on-earth-for-animals type place has made rapid progress, with the first level of the giant ark (really more of a barge) almost complete. Meanwhile, major problems await...

Extremely light on criticism for the zany endeavor, the Herald just happens to mention, on the second page, that the builders have been able to make such quick work of the job (they only came up with the idea six months ago) by relying closely on the original directions supposedly laid down by God to Noah in the Bible and, naturally, forgetting about getting building permits. "We just didn't know. We started building without knowing what we needed to do" says Reniel Aguila, one of the builders about the 500 foot long half-built wooden projectile that's not up to code, with hurricane season just around the corner. Ummm, yeah. Who wants to bet they don't have insurance either?
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