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SLS Brickell Will Have Giant, Very NYC-ish, Letters On Top

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As the Manhattanization of Miami continues with Manhattan-like urban density and the endless throngs of vacationing New Yorkers, many of whom never leave, the historically close link between Miami and New York is a blood bond that won't be broken anytime soon. So, what's the latest New York-esque thing to come to Miami? Why, it's giant lit-up letters on top of buildings! The Related Group's SLS Brickell will have a huge S, a huge L, and another huge S plopped up on its roof according to one of two new renderings sent to us by BuzzBuzzHome. Now it'll look just like the Hotel New Yorker, the Empire Hotel, the Domino Sugar Factory, and the Jahovah's Witnesse's HQ in Brooklyn Heights, all surmounted by big blinking letters lighting up the New York sky.

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