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Centro Tower Unveils Its Look, Towers Over Gusman

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Renderings for Centro, the new condo tower that's about to go up behind the Gusman Theater, have landed over at exMiami, showing a tower that (A) has no parking and (B) is a whole lot taller than the historic Gusman/Olympia Theater it sits next to. The parking issue is causing all kind of dramatic debate back over at exMiami because, you know, we Miamians are addicted to our cars like a cat on crack, and the towering-over-Gusman thing is not all that big of a deal because the Gusman's front door is way around the other side of the building. But still, the contrast is more than a little striking.

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Gusman Center For The Performing Arts

174 E Flagler St., Miami, FL 33131