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Watch Carlos Ott Doodle Echo Brickell & Its Hanging Pools

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Echo Brickell, the latest towering thing to be announced on Brickell Avenue, has released this video of its architect, Carlos Ott, doodling his curvaceous concepts for the building. A big feature, and something he mentions about four times in the video: the penthouses will have swimming pools hanging off the edge. And, instead of an amenity deck on a big parking podium, the building will have a "full floor-sized infinity edge pool to provide all-day access to the Miami sun" in the middle of a "three-story 'Open Space' located between the Lower Floors and the Fitness Center/Upper Floors" half way up the building. Wild stuff. Those doodles, courtesy of exMiami, are after the jump.

UPDATE: Echo Brickell's PR peeps have informed us that the hanging pools no longer exist! Why not? Maybe it was just too much awesomeness to handle. Or maybe a building code or safety thing, or like one commentator says, they were value engineered out. Whatever the reason: boring.

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Echo Brickell

1451 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131