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Flatiron Park Is Here To Stay! (But Allen Morris Park Isn't)

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Added to the very short list of shit that City of Miami officials do right, according to the Crespogram Report, they are swapping with developer Mallory Kauderer the 3,000 square foot southern half of Allen Morris Park for the entire 8,000 square foot Flatiron Park site. (And probably some additional FAR credits, but whatevs. Skyscrapers are cool) This means the city is losing half of a pretty, but tiny, and little used, pocket park for an even bigger park that's already been designed by Raymond Jungles and built by a Kauderer, and is fast becoming an important public space for the Brickell area. Brickell Flatiron Park is and an actual honest-to-goodness permanent park! And Mallory will be building his new condo tower next door.
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Allen Morris Brickell Park

1000 Brickell Plaza, Miami, FL 33131

Brickell Flatiron Park

1100 SE First Ave., Miami, FL